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Use AI directly in your browser with the Chrome extension.
Chat with the Website or Generate AI images on the fly


xActions gives you the option to do things with AI directly into your browser.

Website Summary

Get a summary of any website you are on. Now be more productive without any extra applications.

Chat with Website

Chatting with any website has never been so easy. Just open the extension on any website and chat with website content.

Generate AI Images

Generate images with AI on the fly. Just select any text on the website and generate images for that.

Demo videos

Here are some of the things you can do with xActions

Chat with Website

Generate AI images

Summarise Websites

Why to use xActions

xActions has everything to boost your productivity

Productivity Booster

Do more with AI on any website you visit and boost your productivity.

Creative Genius

You will become a creative genius in no time with on-the-fly AI image generations.

Lifetime Access

You just have to pay once. You will have access to xActions for a lifetime.


Limited time offer

$49 / Lifetime

$19 / Lifetime

  • Chat with any website
  • Summarise any website content
  • Lifetime access
  • On the fly Image generations
  • Custom prompts on any website

Frequently asked questions

Some of the commonly asked questions

1. Is this a monthly subscription service?

No, it is a one-time purchase with lifetime access.

2. Is a personal OpenAI API Key required?

Yes, you must provide your own OpenAI API Key.

3. How do I access the xActions browser extension?

The xActions browser extension is accessible within your browser at all times.

4. How secure is my data?

our data, including the OpenAI API Key, remains within your browser, ensuring privacy and security.

Bring AI to your Browser

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